When requesting to license a ballet from The Jimmy Gamonet de los Heros Trust, please send the following at least six months before the performance date:  
A written request, including the name of the ballet you are interested in licensing (if known), performance dates and proposed length of license (1yr, 3yrs, etc), venue information (name of theatre and location), number of rehearsal weeks proposed specifically for the piece, and number of male and female dancers in the company.
A downloadable video link showing your company in a recent performance. The most helpful and advantageous recordings are those which show the full company and exhibit the dancers’ technique, agility, and speed, especially for your proposed principal dancers. Footage should include women en pointe and men dancing, as well as partnering.
Note: If you are not certain about the ballet you would like to request, The JGDLH Trust will be happy to counsel you once the submitted materials are reviewed.
All licensed ballets require a Gamonet Trust-approved repetiteur to stage the work in rehearsals and get the work on stage for the premiere. Repetiteurs are contracted separately from the Trust's license.
Please note that there are approximately 50 Gamonet ballets that are currently active.